#Beautyblog Bath Essentials

It’s meeeeee again!

I hope you’re having the most wonderful Saturday there ever was, and if you’re not please read on to indulge in a little piece of bath-time heaven.  Yes, I take baths; don’t judge me.

If you don’t already have ALL of these products, then I highly recommend you purchase them or, at the very least, check them out, as they are my favorites.


First and foremost the “Erase Your Face” reusable makeup removing towelette.  Can I just say, the moment I tried this I knew that I could never be without this product again.  It. was. lifechanging.  The soft furry towel literally removes even the most stubborn mascara/eyeliner combos, no cleansing products necessary.  (Yes, you read that right, you do not need a face cleanser, just water and the towel.)


The second product I need to share with you is the Soap & Glory Creamy Clarifying Shower Gel.  I am an absolute sucker for anything with a unique smell, and I have never smelled anything quite like this.  De-lic-ious.  The silky, creamy texture allows for smooth application, and it also has an amazing lather.  Take little trip to Ulta (I know I don’t have to twist any arms there) and smell this product for yourself; you won’t regret it.


Razors, who doesn’t use razors?  I order mine from Dollar Shave Club; $3 every other month.  You cannot go wrong with this steal, and you’ll never find yourself without a fresh razor.


The newest and most beloved member of my bath-time product fam is my natural sponge.  I must say that I’ve never really been a loufa fan, they get gross, slimy, and moldy when left in the shower for too long.  I’ve also found that they take forever to dry properly.  Enter, the natural sponge: first of all, it’s natural, so there is no faux about it.  Second, it dries like a dream and distributes product the same.  I love it and I won’t be giving it up anytime soon!  Ditch the old smelly loufa and invest in a natural sponge.


Pricing and Product Info:

Erase Your Face make-up towelette $9.99 for 4 pack can be found here

Soap & Glory Creamy Clarifying Shower Gel, $10, can be found here

You can sign up for the Dollar Shave Club here and choose whichever plan suites your needs; I have the $3 for 5 blades every other month

Natural Sponge can be found here for $11





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