Taking it Personally

Recently I’ve been finding myself taking so many things personally.  Some prime examples include the success of other people and someone requesting me to complete tasks that do not benefit me.

Having written those down and taking the time to read them back to myself, I feel incredibly child-ish and ridiculous.  Does taking things personally inadvertently display one’s level of self-love?

Breaking down the phrase “taking it personally” always leads me back to pride.  In the occurrence that someone is gaining more success or is more successful, I find myself thinking about how disappointed in myself that I wasn’t able to achieve that level and about how I could do much better, given the situation.

That leads me to getting rid of this so-called “pride;” I can imagine the only way to rid yourself of it, or suppress it, is to look at these situations in a different light.  To examine them in a way one wouldn’t normally.  In the example of success, what if said person’s success created a success path for others or myself?  Is it prideful for me to think like that?  If so, how should I be providing enlightenment to this situation?

And finally, conclusively, do those with the most self-love have the smallest “pride?”  Should we not possess pride at all or should it be reserved for appropriate moments?

Have I missed the mark completely?

Please let me know.







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